what is the best thing to cook in air fryer (Detail Information)

Best things to cook in air fryer

Best things to cook in air fryer

The air fryer has become the most popular gadget in the kitchen. It is treated like the king as If it is saving so much time and effort. The best things to cook in an air fryer could be so many.  It works by expending hot air through the food allowing it to cook. There is always a need for good space in the kitchen; this tiny air fryer respects this issue.

The other great benefit of air fryer is cleanup. It did not make a huge mess and can be cleaned easily. You can use a damp cloth piece dipped in soup. The basket and the drawer can come out which makes this even easier to clean. Some experts say not to use steel wires to clean stuck food but you can use a soft brush. 

Air fryers are one of the best and healthiest gadgets to fry food with less oil. This is the safest and coolest method. The air fryer promises to deep fry food within a lesser amount of oil. It makes your food crispy from the outside and juicy from the inside. Air fryer is almost similar to any conventional oven, it also bakes and roasts. 

The main difference is its heat temperature. Hot air revolves around the food making it crispy within no time and notably deep-fries the food with less oil. The air fryer gets heat-up quickly, cooks food quickly and evenly. This is definitely because of the concentrated heat source and placement of the fan. 

There is always a question that is the food taste good? Well, the air-fried food tastes amazing. It’s juicy from inside and crispy from out-side just by using a tiny amount of oil. So it is a great alternative to the deep fryer as you only use 1 to 2 tablespoons of oil that makes it healthier. 

Once you understand the air fryer you will know what to cook in air fryer. You can heat frozen food and cook fresh chicken, steak, veggies, salmon and, pork chops. Most food does not require oil because they can cook in their own juice. Just as salt and herbs of your taste make sure to go for dry seasoning that allows your food to become crispy instantly.  

Food with no own fat definitely requires oil to make it golden brown and crispy. Oil the food using a brush before seasoning.  Vegetable oil and Canola oil are used when the food is cooked in high smoke and heat in an air fryer. Vegetables also need to be oiled before air fried. Add some lesser salt to them than usual. Because crispy air fried food adds a lot of food to them. 

Moving on to best things to cook in the air fryer. There are actually so many things to roast and bake in it. The air fryer is a good friend of sweets.    

Sugar Cookies  

Making cookies in the air fryer is very easy and quick. It is a great way to make dessert instantly. 

Lava Cake

Lava cake is filled with chocolate from the inside can be made in an air fryer. The best thing is that Lava cake has a gooey, soft and, melted middle.   As the air fryer did not need to be preheated so the dessert can be baked in just 10 minutes. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are everyone’s favorite. It is the most loved snack throughout the world. some people eat it at breakfast, brunch, and after dinner time. You can freeze the dough and bake it in an air fryer whenever you want. The biggest advantage will blow your mind that you can make the soft, hard, and, gooey in just an air fryer.    

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkins are an amazing fruit that can be made sweet and sour.  It’s awesome that you can use its seeds too. The air fryer is best to make them crispy and crunchy. 

Chicken Wings 

Chicken wings are a delicious dish. They are super easy to make in an air fryer. They are super crispy as the oil-fried one.  

Potatoes Chips

Potatoes are surely the best thing to eat as a snack. The air fryer makes the perfect roasted potatoes. Do a little bit of seasoning of oil on them so they don’t get stuck with the basket, and you can have the perfect crispy from outside and soft from the center.   

Hard-Boiled Eggs

This super healthy dish can be made in various styles like in hot water, in the oven, an instant pot, but it is super delicious in the air fryer. This can be achieved by simply putting cold eggs into the air fryer and do some seasoning if you like.

Raw Vegetables

Cooking veggies in the air fryer is super cool and slightly similar to roasting but this is a little bit crunchier than roasting the veggies. 


Cooking fish in the air fryer is healthier than the traditional frying method because it cooks in lesser oil. In the air fryer, its topping didn’t fall apart and stay crunchy which makes this dish graceful. 

Mozzarella Sticks

You can make magical mozzarella sticks in your air fryer. This is not hard but needs some attention to the details. To achieve this recipe dip the stick in beaten eggs and then coat with breadcrumbs fry them in the air fryer and enjoy your crispy cheese.