Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We are delighted you showed interest in our website. Personal data processing can become essential whenever a data subject wants to use specific product resources via our website.

Data Protection

If user information and data processing is necessary, and there is no contractual basis for such processing, we generally get approval from the data subject. The collection of personal data, such as a data subject’s name, address, e-mail address, or contact number, shall also comply with the Data Protection Regulation authorities and the country-specific data protection regulations applicable to our website. By this data privacy policy, our website wishes to advise the general public of the existence, extent, and intent of the personal data that we receive, use, and process.

Data Control

As the operator, our website’s various technological and operational steps have been introduced to ensure the most thorough security of personal data transmitted via this Webpage. However, Internet-based data signals may have security holes in principle, so extreme protection cannot be guaranteed.


The information and offers on our homepage may be enhanced with the user in mind through a cookie. As already mentioned, cookies allow us to identify users of our website. The purpose of this validation is to make use of our website easier for users. Since that is taken over by the internet, the website owner who uses cookies does not have to insert authentication data any time the database is visited. The cookie is then saved on the computer server. The cookie of any online shopping cart is another example. The online retailer reminds the articles which a customer put via a cookie in the website shopping cart.

General data and information Collection

The general information and data are saved in server logs. The collection may consist of (1) the web-browser kinds and editions used, (2) the operating system used by the user (3) the Webpage through which the accessing system reaches our site, (4) sub-websites, (5) the time and date of access to the site, (6) the Internet protocol address, (7) the accessing system’s Internet service provider

Comments on the website

Our website provides users with the opportunity to leave comments and replies on the individual blog contributing to the blog, which is on the controller’s website. A blog is a publicly accessible platform by which one or more bloggers or public internet bloggers can post articles in so-called blog articles or write thoughts down. Third parties frequently comment on blog posts.

User Registration on the website

The data recipient has the right to register for the identification of personal details on the operator’s website. The appropriate input used for the registration specifies what personal data are sent to the operator. The personal data submitted by the data recipient shall be gathered and retained by the operator strictly for internal use and for his private purposes.