Is Air Fryer Worth Buying; Pros And Cons Of Air Fryer

pros and cons of an air fryer

Air fryers have become the most important sort of kitchen gadget in this era, because of the raising awareness of healthy eating. Now we can enjoy all types of food without the tension of calories.

This appliance is uniquely built to help us to do our fries with minimum calories and fats. Air Fryers have too many advantages that cannot be overlooked, but before investing such a big amount in this product, it is also important to know that this product comes with its own disadvantages and side effects. Do not worry; you are at the right place in this guide. We will cover all the aspects of air fryers, how they work, how good they are, and is it worth to buy it or not.

What Is An Air Fryer?

Air fryers are a popular kitchen gadget in this modern world. These work on the principle of an air convection oven, which does not use a bucket of oil for frying. It uses its heating system and fans to cook food and gives a crispy taste like deep-fried foods.

The heating system often comes in pairs and will also contain two fans. This heating system generates heat, and fans help to draw hot air directly on the food due to which it cooks fast with a crisp outer layer.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Air Fryers?

As we have already talked much about the air fryer now, it is important to discuss numerous benefits of this product. We know very well that when a product comes on the market, it has its own advantages and drawbacks. The same is the case with the air fryers.

Pros Of Air Fryer

Healthier Cooking

It is a healthier way of frying is a key indicator that it is a step towards a healthier lifestyle. We all are aware of deep frying foods that consume too many calories and are bad for health. Which then leads to heart disease and cholesterol problems. While an air fryer needs little oil to give the same crispiness and flavor which we love.

Faster Cooking

Air fryers cook foods faster than the traditional deep-fried foods. It requires little time to preheat, and the generated heat remains in the closed system due to which frozen foods can be cooked faster.

Keep Kitchen Cool

An air fryer does not allow the heat to escape like other ovens. All heat which is generated remains in the closed system and keeps your kitchen free from heat even on a hot sunny day.

If you are living in the deep south, then this is the best investment for you.


You are going to be shocked by the wide range of food and dishes you can cook in an air fryer. Even a roasted vegetable and baked goods trunks out to be delicious.

No Grease Odors

Just like deep-fried foods, air frying food would not stink your house for days. It is guaranteed that your house would not stink.

Easy Cleanup

You won’t have to create a mess on your kitchen counter. All things are fixed in the air fryer, so you only have the basket to draw up for cleaning.

Easy to use

Almost anyone can use them to make delicious food, whether it is their first time or not. All you need to do is set the temperature, put your foot in the draw and leave it to do everything on its own. But for better results, you need to shake it now and then to cook evenly.

Cons Of Air Fryer

Cooking Capacity

One of the main drawbacks of the air fryer is its capacity. The cooking capacity is best for singles and couples, but if you want to cook for larger families, it is not a good option.

If you make meals for larger families than 3.5 quarts and 5.8 quarts is not an option, consider a bigger one which costs much more in your pocket.

Food Can Dry Out And Burn Quickly.

Users complain that food burns out and dry out quickly. This is because air fryers use temperatures ranging from 300 to 400 Fahrenheit. This quickly burns the food, but if you become an expert, you can easily control and manage it.


If you love deep-fried food, then you might notice the difference between the taste. But some people get used to thinking that they are avoiding deep-fried food.


Some air fryers are very heavy. It isn’t easy to move from your cabinet. Check the appliance weight before buying.


People overused this, thinking that they are consuming fewer calories. And can cause the possibility of striking more calories than they ordinarily have done.

  • It is relatively expensive.

Nothing is perfect, and an air fryer is no exception. Hopefully, reading all the air fryer pros and cons will help you to make your decision quickly.

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