Air Fryer Guide-What Are The Best Food To Cook In An Air Fryer?

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The concept of air frying sounds like a miracle. Frying without oil is possible. It has a reasonable explanation, but before I explain this, let make it clear that air frying is not actual frying. Because actual frying needs food to be submerged in oil completely for crispiness and traditional taste. Here we will disucss how and what are the best food to cook in an air fryer.

The Principle On Which Air Fryer Work

An air fryer, actually a convection oven, works on the principle of the convention. It used hot air, which circulates around the food and used chemicals for better flavor and color. These electric appliances contain a small fan, which ensures that the hot air moves in the chamber evenly. Due to this principle, almost all food will become brown and crispy from top to bottom equally.

Can you skip the oil completely in air fryers? Manufacturers and recipe books recommended that you either spray or toss the food with oil after several intervals. However, it is found that food comes out with the same crisp and color without coating oil on it.

Best Food You Can Cook In An Air Fryer 

People are usually confused and usually ask what are the best food to cook in an air fryer. Well, if you love fried food at the same time, conscious about your health. Air fryers are the best option for you. Here I list some foods you can cook in an air fryer;

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Homemade Potato Chips

You can now easily make potato chips at home with low calories in an air fryer. Air fryers have gained lots of success in making this food.

Egg Rolls

When you try to make egg rolls, it is difficult to maintain a balance between the crispy shell and well-cooked filling. With the help of air fryers, you need not worry at all. With its convention principle, you will finish up with a firm fried texture from external without running the softcore.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

now you did not need any water for boiling eggs.  With air fryers, you can quickly cook eggs in no time with accurate results.

Chicken and chicken products

You can cook any chicken in air fryers. In this product, you can cook the fresh chicken as well as your favorite frozen chicken products.

French Fries 

Almost everyone is a French fries lover. If you are also a French fries, lower air fryers are for you. Frozen fries are basically air fryer products. You can get a perfect result by using this product.

Certain Baked Items 

You can use an air fryer to make sugar cookies and lava cakes. Just make sure that you follow the recipe specific for an air fryer because traditional baked foods create a mess in it.

Foods that do not work well in an air fryer

An air fryer is an excellent way of cooking healthy, wholesome foods, but they are restricted to some extent. There is also a list of foods that you cannot prepare in an air fryer. Here i discuss some foods that do not work well in an air fryer and create a mess.

Battered Food

liquid food will go flying in minutes when you close up an air fryer. It means that you cannot cook food like breaded cod, chops, etc. unless you follow an air fryer specific guide.

Food With Loose Seasoning

As you can imagine, any spices or herb that is stuck on your food might not stay in an air fryer. Hold your seasonings until it comes off from the device. Otherwise, it will stick in your air fryer, making it difficult to clean.

You Do Not Cook Veggies.

You do not cook any fried veggies in an air fryer because it does not have the same superpower for raw material. Air fryer turned the vegetables soggy- which you don’t want. This happened because we know very well that air fryers are working on convention principles and used cooked food by circulating hot air around it.

Fresh Cheese

Putting cheese in the air fryer causes it to melt and stick into it, which only causes it to create a mess.

Mistakes Probably Made with Air Fryers

Here I list some mistakes that are probably made with an air fryer. If you are also making these mistakes, you won’t get the taste and texture you are looking for.

Forgot To Pre-Heat

Pre-heating the air fryer is best for cooking. Due to this, airflow and temperature will be maintained at the right levels and food cooked to crispy fried production. Pre-heating also allows the basket to heat, which is also important for perfect cooking.

You Cook Food That Is Already Cooked

Do not throw fried food in an air fryer for more crisp. Always use an air fryer for fresh scratch recipes.

You Overcrowded The Basket.

Always provide some space for breath. Overcrowded leads to an unevenly cooked mess. For the evenest frying, do not crowd the basket, pause and shake it so that air circulates around the food and gives your desired results.

Do Not Have Any Idea About Oil Usage.

Sometimes you use less oil than the actual requirement and sometimes more than the requirement. You only really need only one or two tablespoon oil for most of the recipes. Actually, it depends on the food item you cooked.

Do not go crazy for the oil, because using too much oil causes oil to drip in the air fryer. This will cause more oil to burn, which causes more smoke in the air fryer, which is not suitable for your device.

After reading this article, you must be wondering whether you purchase an air fryer or not. If you are a big fan of french fries or concerned about your health, then this is an excellent investment for you.

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